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Dino Dominion is an app for Iphone and Android-based devices.  The game style is similar to other card-based apps, but unlike these other apps there are a few extra elements to Dino Dominion that make it different.  The main plot behind Dino Dominion is that you work for a company (players can choose between either Laurasia or Gondwana) that is exploring Isla Dormir, an island where Dinosaurs still exist. Your job within the game is to complete tasks given to you in order to gain benefits, find and capture powerful Dinosaurs, upgrade Dinosaurs to strengthen your deck, and explore the island. The game itself is not complete (there are areas of Isla Dormir that are still inaccessible to players), so it is still expanding. New Dinosaurs are also added to the game every so often.

The biggest attraction of Dino Dominion would be the in-game events, where players perform specific tasks to gain extra points and other incentives (such as Super Rare Dinosaurs or various tickets for the Dino Cages).

On the 2015/1/8, the server that ran the game was shut down.

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VS Battle EXPLORE Missions



A brand new Colosseum is opening. Test your might in Dino Colosseum: Bipedals vs. Armored Skulls!

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Which company will  you choose?

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