There are a variety of skills available to players that will increase their dino deck's strength. Available skills for each deck are dependent on the type and amount of dinosaurs species and/or classification. However, skills are not an absolute factor in a battle, since sometimes a weaker skill will activate, or no skill will activate.  Skills are more like an add on that helps you when it wants to. For example, a deck with 5 Tyrannosaurs may activate the Howl of Wilderness, Roaring Bloodlust, or Mark of the Tyrant skill but only one of them and maybe none. The probability of a skill activating is shown when you press the "Confirm Skill" button on the "Decks" tab.

Also, it doesn't matter whether the dinosaur is a Normal, Rare, or Super Rare rank, these rules for the skills still apply.

There are likely many more skills than are listed here. If you have discovered a new skill please let us know by taking a screenshot of the deck or describing it in the comments section. 

Diet Based Skills

Skill Name Skill Requirements Skill Effect
A Nose For Danger 5 Herbivore +2% HP
Howl Of Wilderness 5 Carnivore +2% ATK
Unleashed Ferocity 10 Carnivore +5% ATK
Blessing of the Earth 10 Herbivore +5% HP

The herbivor group will contain OrnithopodaSauropodaThyreophora, and Marginocephalia species.

The carnivor group will contain Marine ReptilePterosaur, and Theropoda species.

Album Based Skills

Skill Name Skill Requirement Skill Effect
Roaring Bloodlust 5 Theropoda +7.5% ATK
Unwavering Invasion 10 Theropoda +10% ATK
Raging Tide 5 Marine Reptile +7.5% ATK
Furious Whirlpool 10 Marine Reptile +10% ATK
Hardened Beak 5 Pterosaur +7.5% ATK
Supersonic Flight 10 Pterosaur +10% ATK
Heart of Protection 5 Thyreophora +7.5% HP
Essence of Hardening 10 Thyreophora +10% HP
View from the Clouds 5 Sauropoda +7.5% HP
Philosophy of Perseverance 10 Sauropoda +10% HP
Rainbow Song 5 Ornithopoda +3.5% HP & ATK
Battle Cry 10 Ornithopoda +5% HP & ATK
Balanced Composure 5 Marginocephalia +3.5% HP & ATK
Proud Helm 10 Marginocephalia +5% HP & ATK

Specific Dino or Type of Dino Based Skills

This group of skills requires a specific range (basically a type within a type in this case) or a specific species. You can find out a genus of a dino by looking up the dino in the album and looking under range. 

Skill Name Skill Requirment Skill Effect
Claws of Pride 5 Dromaeosauridae (Theropoda) +15% ATK
Brave Stampede 5 Ceratopsidae or 5 Diabloceratops (Marginocephalia) +15% ATK
Wall of the Giant Beast 5 Brachiosaurus +15% HP
Hunger for Destruction 5 Allosauridae (Theropoda) +15% ATK
Great Rippling 5 Ichthyosaurus or Excalibosaurus +7.5% HP and ATK
Spike Roll 5 Stegosauridae (Thyreophora) +7.5% HP and ATK
Perfected Armor 5 Hungarosaurus +15% HP
Posterior Protection 5 Ankylosaurus +15% HP
Sail Of Glory 5 Spinosauridae (Thyreophora) +15% ATK
Dental Battery 5 Hadrosauridae (Ornithopoda) +15% ATK
Weathered Spikes 5 Iguanodontidae (Ornithopoda) +7.5% HP and ATK
Tail Flutter 5 Diplodocidae (Sauropoda) +7.5% HP and ATK
Absolute Defense 5 Gallimimus +15% ATK
Flutter of Regal Wings 5 Pteranodon or Anhanguera +15% ATK
Gale Wind Dive 5 Azhdarchoidea (Pterosaur) +15% ATK
Titanic Power 5 Saltasaurus or Ampelosaurus (Sauropoda) +7.5% HP and ATK
The Oath of Mighty Legs 5 Hypsilophodon (Ornithopoda) +7.5% HP and ATK
Mark of the Tyrant Tyrannosaurus +15% ATK
Underwater Concentration 5 Tylosaurus (Marine Reptile) +7.5% HP and ATK
Menacing Stare 5 Citipati +15% ATK

Special Skills

These skills are dino specific. Dinos that have special skills are indicated by a blue circle on their icon. They were introduced in July of 2013 along with the Blitz Dino Cage. These skills have a level separate from the dino's level. Their skill level can be increased by feeding it dinos that share the same skill. The higher the skill level the more often the skill activates.

Screenshot 2014-03-06-14-06-16


Skill Carriers Effect
Phallanx SS Rare Tyrannosaurus

Rare Tyrannosaurus

SS Rare Albertosaurus

Super Rare Tyrannosaurus

Theropoda get +15% HP
Prayer from the Depths SS Rare Tanystropheus

Rare Plesiosaurus

SS Rare Elasmosaurus


In water, up to 2 of the Enemy's Terrain Adv. will drop by 1 level
Morning Star SS Rare Kentrosaurus

Rare Ankylosaurus

SS Rare Ankylosaurus


Thyreophora get +15% ATK
Invincible Shield SS Rare Argentinosaurus

Rare Brachiosaurus Argentinosaurus

Sauropoda get +15% HP
Chaotic Butterfly SS Rare Citipati

Rare Peteinosaurus Peteinosaurus

Enemy's Theropoda will drop ATK by 15% in All Terrains.
Splatter Fang

SS Rare Spinosaurus

Super Rare Spinosaurus

Rare Baryonyx

Enemy's HP drops 10% in Water Terrain
Wrath of the Precipice  SS Rare Hatzegopteryx

Rare Thalassodromeus Thalassodromeus

In Mountains, up to 2 of the Enemy's Terrain Adv. will drop by 1 level
Demon Bite SS Rare Dilong

Rare Allosaurus

Enemy's Sauropoda HP will drop by 15% in all terrains
Gaia's Rage SS Rare Albertaceratops

Rare Nedoceratops

In Plains, up to 2 of the Enemy's Terrain Adv. will drop by 1 level
Tyrant's Fang SS Rare Saurophaganax

SS Rare Giganotosaurus

Rare Giganotosaurus

Enemy's Theropoda HP will drop by 15% in All Terrains
Death's Domain SS Rare Oviraptor

Rare Deinonychus

Super Rare Oviraptor

Enemy's Dinosaurs HP will drop by 10% in Forest Terrain
Immovable Stance

SS Rare Edmontosaurus

SS Rare Parasaurolophus

Rare Parasaurolophus

Your Dinosaurs will raise HP by 10% in All Terrains.
Wings of Doom SS Rare Quetzalcoatlus

Rare Dsungaripterus

Super Rare Sinopterus

Enemy's Pterosaur will drop HP by 15% in Mountain.
Marine Howl SS Rare Mosasaurus

Rare Liopleurodon

SS Rare Hupehsuchus

Enemy's Marine Reptiles will drop ATK by 15% in Water
Ruler of the Deep SS Rare Shonisaurus

Rare Shonisaurus

Your Marine Reptiles will raise ATK by 15% in Water 
Roar of Madness

Rare Irritator

SS Rare Austroraptor

Super Rare Yutyrannus

Your Theropoda will raise ATK by 15% in All Terrains.
White Hot Cannonball

Rare Dracorex

SS Rare Pachycephalosaurus

Dark Rare Stygimoloch

Your Marginocephalia will raise ATK by 25% in All Terrains

SS Rare Pentaceratops

Rare Pentaceratops

Enemy's Dinosaurus will drop ATK by 10% in Plains.
Glare of the Beast King

SS Rare Tarbosaurus

Rare Mapusaurus

Enemy's Theropoda will drop ATK by 20% in Forest.

Savior of the Precipice

SS Rare Phoshatodraco

Rare Sordes

Super Rare Eudimorphodon

Your Pterosaur will raise ATK by 15% in Mountains
Attestment to the Blessed Haul SS Rare Pterodaustro

Rare Pterodactylus

Your Pterosaur will raise HP by 10% in Water, and Mountains.
Ferocious Aura

SS Rare Iguanodon

Rare Maiasaura

Your Orithopoda will raise ATK by 30% in all Terrains.
Rampage of the Herd 

SS Rare Velociraptor

Super Rare Velociraptor

Super Rare Shuvuuia

Rare Megalosaurus

Enemy Dinosaurs will drop ATK by 15% in Forest.
Thorn's King Imperial Wrath

SS Rare Gastonia

Rare Polacanthus

SS Rare Gargoyleosaurus

Your Thyreophora will raise ATK by 20% in all Terrains
Blood Stained Shores

SS Rare Nothosaurus

Rare Lariosaurus

Your dinosaurs will raise ATK by 15% in Desert.
Holy Fields of Gold SS Rare Centrosaurus Your dinos with  or better in Plains will raise by 1 level.
Warrior Beast's Fatal Blast

SS Rare Concavenator

Super Rare Mamenchisaurus

Rare Tuojiangosaurus

Rare Herrerasaurus

Your Theropoda will raise Atk by 20% in Forest
100 Swords of Eternal Flames

SS Rare Wuerhosaurus

Super Rare Stegosaurus

Super Rare Hesperosaurus

Your Thyreophora will raise Atk by 20% in All Terrains.
Sand Storm

SS Rare Majungasaurus

Rare Gorgosaurus

Enemy's Theropoda will drop Atk by 15% in Plains, Desert.
Advent of the Sandstorm King SS Rare Abelisaurus Your dinos with  or better in Desert will raise by 1 Lv.
Demolition Mist of the Dragon King

SS Rare Omeisaurus

Rare Pelorosaurus

Your Sauropoda will raise ATK by 30% in Forest.
Gust of Victory

SS Rare Pteranodon

Rare Austriadactylus

Your pterosaur will raise HP by 20% in All Terrains.
Feast of Madness SS Rare Therizinosaurus Your Dinos with ◎ or better in forest will raise by 1 Lv.
Hidden Lunar Shadow SS Rare Herrerasaurus Enemy's Sauropoda will drop ATK by 20% in Forest.
White Hot Flames of Hell SS Rare Euoplocephalus Enemy's dinosaurs will drop HP by 10% in Desert.
Vengance from the North Pole Super Rare Gallimimus Your Theropoda will raise HP by 5% in Forest.
Fight for Survival Super Rare Pachyrhinosaurus Your Maginocephila will raise Atk by 10% in Plains, Forest.
Embers of Defiance Super Rare Dracorex Your Marginocephalia will raise ATK by 5% in All Terrains.
Star of Bravery Super Rare Acrocanthosaurus Your Theropoda will raise ATK by 15% in Plains.
Voice of the Great Spirits Super Rare Leptopterygius Your dinosaurus will raise HP by 5% in Water.
Angelic Hymn Super Rare Cymbospondylus Your dinosaurs will raise HP by 5% in Water.
Thrashing Cyclone SS Rare Tylosaurus Enemy's dinosaurs will drop ATK by 15% in Desert.
Fractured Wing SS Rare Triceratops Enemy's Ornithopoda will drop HP by 20% in Plains, Forest.
Heaven and Earth Dark Rare Lythronax Enemy's dinosaurs HP will drop by 30% in Forest.
Eternal Radiance Dark Rare Quetzalcoatlus Enemy's dinosaurs will drop HP by 30% in Mountain.
Absolute Ruler Dark Rare Tyrannosaurus Enemy's Dinosaurs will drop HP by 30% in Desert.
Ultimate Horn Dark Rare Tsintaosaurus Your Orinthopoda will raise ATK by 40% in Plains.
Imperial Blaze Dark Rare Allosaurus Enemy's dinosaurs with ◎ or better in Plains will drop by 1 Rank.
Seismic Riot Dark Rare Stegosaurus Enemy's Theropoda will drop ATK 30% in Forest.
Leviathan's Passion Dark Rare Mosasaurus  Enemy's dinosaurs HP will drop by 30% in water.
Savage Dance SS Rare Eopteranodon Enemy's Pterosaur will drop ATK by 15% in Desert, Mountain.